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Positive Behaviour for Learning


Our Relational policy; Establishing Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBfL) has been designed to foster a positive and inclusive educational environment within our school. At the heart of our approach is a rooted commitment to recognising and addressing the diverse needs of our students, many of whom have faced unique challenges that have impacted their learning journey.

In acknowledging the importance of forging strong connections between students, staff, and the broader school community, we embrace a relational approach. We believe that positive relationships are fundamental to effective teaching and learning. By prioritising connection and understanding, we aim to create an atmosphere where students feel safe, valued, and supported on their educational path.


At Compass School you will see:


  • Pupil-Centered Approaches: Placing the voices of children at the centre and through utilising their strengths and qualities aligned with a pupil-centred approach, emphasising individual needs and characteristics.
  • Nurture and Empathy: Providing high levels of nurture and empathy, alongside structure indicates a commitment to creating a safe and supportive environment for all students.
  • Emotional Well-being support: Staff prioritising pupil emotional well-being, development, and learning through the provision of emotionally available adults
  • Clear Boundaries and Predictable Routines: Clear boundaries, predictable routines, and regulated responses demonstrates a commitment to providing a planned and consistent learning environment.
  • Behaviour Management and Regulation: Pupil behaviour, regulating emotions, and building the capacity for self-regulation are essential aspects of creating a conducive learning environment.
  • Addressing Attachment Needs and Trauma: Staff responding to the needs of pupils with unmet attachment needs and those who have experienced trauma or adverse childhood experiences.
  • Positive and Inclusive Environment: Emphasis from all stakeholders of fostering a positive and inclusive educational environment; a commitment from all to ensure that all pupils feel welcome and valued.
  • Diverse Student Needs: Staff acknowledging the diverse needs of pupils; recognising the uniqueness of each learner and the importance of tailoring educational approaches accordingly.
  • Connection and Understanding: Staff prioritising positive relationships between students, staff, and the broader community reflects an understanding that these connections are fundamental to effective teaching and learning.


Through our holistic, pupil-focused approach that goes beyond academic achievement to address the social, emotional, and psychological aspects of each pupil's development we aim for all pupils to work towards achieving their GOALS



Growth mindset

Fostering the belief that abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work


Where staff are actively encouraging pupils to take a role in leading their learning journey


Pupils demonstrate a range of consistent learning behaviours which demonstrate the aspiration to achieve their best


Pupils are engaged in learning and developing life-long skills


Where success is not only measured by the completion of academic work but also the development of Learning to Learn skills