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Our Nurture provision supports pupils with their readiness to learn. The curriculum is designed to support social and emotional development in a safe environment. The focus is to support pupils to securely re-engage with their learning.
Nurture develops a pupil’s social skills, helps them to communicate positively with others and supports and promotes their emotional development, confidence and self esteem. We focus on developing a sense of belonging, well-being and empathy.
Nurture principles are the central ethos of our school.

Nurture photo

In May 2017 we were awarded The Nurture Group Network ‘Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark Award’, we are recognised as an approved school for our delivery of Nurture in our Nurture Groups.

The assessor commented in her report ‘I realised that what I had seen was in essence one large nurture group. The … understanding that attainment only follows when pupils feel valued, trusted and held in positive regard was so clear. To know that these pupils, who had achieved so little in their mainstream settings were now being upskilled, ‘learning to learn’…and were then able to not only complete their education but to also achieve qualifications, is inspiring and reassuring.

At Compass School our lessons that focus specifically on Nurture are called SPICE. The acronym stands for Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional. In every SPICE lesson we include Social, Emotional and Intellectual and incorporate either Physical or Creative, if not both.