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Pupil Outcomes and Assessment

Examinations at Compass School

It is the aim at Compass School, that all pupils should be challenged to achieve in education and in life beyond secondary school.
It is therefore important that all pupils are given the opportunity to take external qualifications that match their curriculum offer and aspirations.

We will endeavour to prepare all of our Year 11 pupils for their exams as best as possible and appreciate your support with your son/daughter at this challenging time.

Please note, each Year 11 pupil will receive a personalised timetable in the Spring term, listing the exams in which they have been entered. It is vital that they are aware of each exam, the timings and the rules and regulations regarding these. Information to support the process can also be found in links to the side.

If you have any queries over exam arrangements, please contact your son/daughter’s tutor or ask to speak to a member of the Leadership team.


All Year 6 pupils are registered and are assessed of their suitability to take the tests following the 2023 key stage 2 assessment and reporting arrangements guidance document issued by the Standards and testing Agency


Year 4 Multiplication Tables

1 pupil was eligible and achieved a permittable score as defined by the test


Y11 attainment