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School Uniform

• Our aim is for pupils to ‘achieve in education and in life’. Our priority is for children and young people to be in school and learning.
• We recognise that being able to dress correctly for school and college is important preparation for successfully returning to mainstream education and future careers.


• Grey or black tailored trousers/skirt
• Pale blue polo shirt
• Navy round neck sweatshirt or navy cardigan


• Grey or black tailored trousers/skirt
• White polo shirt
• Black round neck sweatshirt or black cardigan

Religious Clothing

• Pupils who wish to wear particular clothing or jewellery items for religious reasons and are unsure if it would be acceptable should discuss this with their tutor.

All Pupils

• Denim/denim effect, tracksuit bottoms and leggings are not permitted to be worn.
• Hats, caps, hoods and sunglasses are not to be worn in the school building.
• Coats and jackets to be removed for secondary pupils on arrival to their meet and greet area, and for primary pupils on arrival to their classroom to be hung up on hooks.
• Sports clothes including trainers should be brought to school for PE lessons.
• Stud earrings only are permitted.
• Footwear needs to be appropriate and suitable for school. Open-toe and open-back footwear and excessively high heels are not appropriate.

Failure to Dress in an Acceptable Way

• The Learning Mentors will work with pupils to support them with their uniform. Trousers, sweatshirts and polo shirts are available for pupils to borrow if they arrive to school without the correct clothes. We also have a limited supply of sportswear for pupils to use in PE lessons.